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Parkmore H.I.


Individually prepared herb and spice mix for infused oil for horses:


  • Enhances appetite

  • Intestinal flora restorative

  • Improves general health

  • Antibacterial and antiviral properties

  • Mixtures typically contain:

  1. Turmeric,

  2. nigella sativa,

  3. fennel seeds

  4. fenugreek

  5. oregano

  6. salt

  7. yeast cultures

  8. thyme & rosemary


For Equine use only. Makes up to 6 liters of oil.

add the contents of the package to a large bottle of canola oil, you will need to take out a cup of oil to allow room for the mixture, then let it infuse for 3-5 days before use. give the horses 2 tablespoons once a day on their food. As it makes up to 6 liters, you can top up the bottle with canola oil. Parkmore proudly makes its products in Kentucky and we can adjust the ingredients to suite the needs of your horse.




Parkmore's special vitamin mineral supplement is like a software for horses, providing a source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements in a truly balanced manner fulfilling daily equine nutrition requirements. Our special vitamin mineral supplement should be fed with oats, regular food or solely. Clean Fresh water should always be available along with good quality forage.


Horses (Maintenance) 2 oz per day, Full work 4 oz per day, Foals 1 oz  


Consult your veterinarian for proper health practices and always maintain a good worm control program


7.5lb (120 oz)  30 day supply (Full work),  60 day supply (maintenance).



Parkmore's Devils own Detox, steam treated "activated" charcoal is Natures own binding agent.

Anything not easily digestible is bound & transported out of the system.

Because it is all natural, unlike many other products, it leaves no residue in the system to hinder the horse and no issues relating to dependency.


A Positive side affect is an improved work ethic and better attitude with their new found lack of discomfort.


A 10 day program allows a NATURAL  "re-set, re-boot to the system. Testing procedures showed us that this was the best path to a positive result with this particular product.  

Immune Booster


Our GLF immune booster is PSB complex, a scientifically proven, proprietary product composed of readily available balanced and highly purified nucleotides.

Reduces symptoms and maintains GI balance.

  • Promotes healing and recovery from illness or injury.

  • Reduces symptoms related to allergic reactions.

  • Increases endurance and recovery time

  • Improves oxygen intake,

  • reduces muscle injury and fatigue

  • Improves vitality and health in senior horses

  • Enhances immune status through antibody and bacteria in foals


Feeding instructions: Horses 30 grams per day for 10 days as needed,  

maintenance dose 10 grams per day.

Foals: 5 grams per day through and post weaning.


Benecell is a dietary supplement that has shown to benefit in maintaining a healthy immune system. Multiple clinical studies have verified that the active ingredients in Benecell help support the body's natural cell regeneration process which helps fight illness and accelerate recovery from injury and physical stress.