The Buying Process- Importing a horse

Upon request, buyers wishing to travel to Ireland to purchase a horse will be required to provide a detailed description of what they are looking for in a horse. In addition, buyers will outline in detail their riding experience or that of the person who will be riding the horse. See below for form.


Children and amateurs must provide a recent video of their riding and are required to travel with us to try the selected horses. We also offer the option of in person viewing prior to the selection being made.


Once the buyer’s agreement is signed and the deposit is paid to Parkmore the selection process will begin. During this time, we will work with our most trusted breeders and suppliers in Ireland to collecting pedigrees, photos, and videos for review.


Parkmore advises selecting the top three horses for a pre-purchase exam. Either Fleur or one of her representatives will be present at the vetting on behalf of the buyer. The exam results and radiographs will travel with the horse for your records.


Our preferred shipper is Equine International Shipping and we are happy to put you in touch with them.