Buyer's Agreement



The Buyer _______________________________ hereby agrees to pay the Agent, upon the signing of this agreement, Parkmore Irish Horse Imports a non-refundable agent fee of $1,500 (online purchase) or $3,000 (travelling to Ireland) to cover any and all expenses incurred by agent.


AND a commission of __15_% of the purchase price of any horse sourced and inspected by the Agent on the Buyers behalf. Buyer will make payment directly to the Agent upon purchase of horse(s).


            The Agent hereby agrees to travel with buyer and/or Buyer's Trainer and give their best and honest evaluation of the horse to the Buyer and guide the Buyer to the best of the Agent’s ability, the Agent’s will provide the results of this evaluation to the Buyer in a timely fashion.


Buyer's unable to travel and thus instructing Agent to source and purchase horse(s) on their behalf will attach a video depicting the riding ability and/or arrange a viewing with the agent along with written description of their preferred horse.


Non traveling buyer extends full power to Parkmore Irish horse Imports as their agent for the purchase of horses and authorizes agent to execute any and all documentation in connection therewith, to receive and disburse all funds and to do all things incidental to and in furtherance of the purchase of horse(s).


Upon request from Buyer that any horse be sent to the vet for pre-purchase exam on their behalf, buyer agrees to pay for said vetting.  Horses whom pass the pre-purchase exam are considered sold and purchase price shall be paid directly to seller within 24 hours thereafter. Transportation fees and agent commissions are payable prior to release and shipping of horse(s).



            This agreement is subject to the Laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and in the event of any matters arising out of this agreement, shall be adjudicated in the same Commonwealth.



            So signed this ____ day of _________, 2021.



Agent: ________Fleur Bryan___________


Buyer: ____________________________